Dairy Mart Road Part 1

The area is a natural lure, a cool and refreshing mecca, for thousands of visitors each day and one must drive … carefully.

Approximately 53,000 people visit the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park each year. Most (over 44,300) are undocumented migrants from just south of the U.S. border who pass through during evening hours on their way north.

Many of these migrants are Very Important People and eagerly sought by federal agents everywhere. Yes, from El Salvador, Honduras, and all points north these travelers are a federal agent’s dream come true. In the USA many of these travelers have received the approbation “1326” and can be rewarded with 20 years in a U.S. Federal Penitentiary if captured.

It’s one thing to visit these lands and quite another to stand in the way of a “1326” as he meanders northward toward his Old Home in Los Angeles. It’s really best to keep your distance from these visitors.

None of this vast and glorious celebration of diversity would even be possible if it were not for the bubbling effluvial’s released from the Grand City of Tijuana. Yes, it is Tijuana, Mexico, Land of Enchantment, that makes the glowing Tijuana River and Border Field State Park possible.

The watershed for most of San Diego gently tilts toward Tijuana and the 11 inches of yearly rainfall first heads south and then through the 40,000 cattle and the 2,000,000 people of Tijuana before returning to the USA and to this estuary and state park.

The city of Tijuana truely is a poem. It is a call of liberality and diversity not seen since Biblical times.

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