Unexploded Ordnance Part 2

But there really is more … really … there really is.

Do you know about the AhhhhMinefield?

No one told you??

Well … Yes, there does seem to be some slight problem with maybe even tons of unexploded ordnance … buried just beneath your feet. What is actually down there is possibly not an actual minefield but you may wind up just as dead.

Who knows??

Many years ago there was a war and our side needed to practice shooting and bombing and this area was picked as a really good place to do it.

Not everything that is supposed to go BANG actually does go BANG. Sometimes it just goes PLOP and sinks into the mud. Of course, after a few years of rusting and sinking and earthquakes, it might finally decide to go BANG. Who knows?

But the federal department of Fish and Wildlife knows, and the State of California Coastal Conservancy knows, and the Coastal Commission knows, and the County of San Diego Parks and Recreation knows, and the City of San Diego knows, and now YOU know.

About the Minefield …

But civil servants show progress by the number of people they hire and the number of dollars they spend. That is how they get promoted and get bigger paychecks. So to keep the game going the best thing to do is keep the sewage flowing and the illegal aliens flowing and the rapists popping over the border fence and all the tourists out. At the same time, expand the park and hire more park employees.

True, a minefield in the middle of the park does add some level of political complexity but as long as they can keep the area of the minefield classified as a bird nesting area then who’s ever to know?

There are miles of trails in this park. Most do seem to flow from south to north and all head from low spots in the existing border defenses to the beach and points north. Thanks to the many travelers furtively scurrying northwards from Mexico, the area trails are not wide gentle paths as seen in other parks. Here, the paths are like narrow brown varicose veins menacingly scattered over the hills. Others of these trails wiggle through the marshlands but it’s best to leave those trails not just to the light in spirit but actually to the very light in weight.