Unexploded Ordnance Part 1

So while Mr. or Mrs. Average Citizen can just about lose their house and everything else they own for accidentally pouring the mineral oil down the drain that they were using as a laxative, the California State Parks can dump 1,000 cubic yards of debris and tens of millions of gallons of almost fluorescent effluent across miles of land, even into the ocean itself, every single year, and yet nothing is done.

Each year that goes by, ever more raw sewage flows from Tijuana into America, with more poisoning of the land, more poisoning of the animals and more poisoning of the sea itself.

With federal USBP employees suing the federal government for being “Agent Oranged” by the land, sea, and air of this place it is quite possible that the State of California does not actually want you to be here.

Sure, they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars (as has the County of San Diego) on this place but maybe they know something that you only know now. And that is, that this place is dangerous and will never get better and can really get worse.

To get this far you have already endured microscopic human feces flakes (Did you miss that? Go to the Tijuana page), human urine dust (same), bubbling fluorescent sewage that dissolves asphalt, enough RICIN to drop the entire mammalian population of planet earth, a few “New Age” border guards in Birkenstocks (in the USBP Exclusion Zone), and tattooed gang members returning to the L. A. Barrio.

Since this entire 2,500 acre area is some really strange quagmire of inter-agency political links and even stranger funding sources, the very distant “Visitor’s Center” is also officially part of … “The Park.”

The State of California told you that the “park” was miles in the other direction. CALTRANS tried to send you off on some fantasy trip to a pointy looking concrete bunker. The concrete cottage people “over there” in their bunker will tell you that they are “the park.” You are the one who ignored their entreaties and literally went out of your way and came here instead.

If we examine the exact words used by the California Park Service in describing this “park” we can only become even more intrigued by its mysteries:

“The park offers hiking, horse trails, surf fishing, and birding. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was concluded on February 2, 1848, officially ending the war with Mexico. It provided that the new international border between the two countries be established by a United States and Mexican Boundary Commission. Both commissions surveyed and located the initial borderline at Border Field.”

So the State of California website invitation to join them in diverse and exciting experiences here in Border Field State Park may not really mean all that it says.

The mean spirited among us might point out that what they say is that there is no bathing, no wading, no walking. They also might say that the only permanent structure here (except a toilet) is a monument to Mexico’s defeat at the hands of the Gringo. Note that they also mention “horse trails” but have done all in their collective power to bankrupt and destroy the only horse rental business within five miles …