Diversity in Every Step You Take Part 1

Continuing through the Tijuana River Estuary and on our way to the park, we cross several seasonal streams flowing from south to north. These streams flow from about October through April. One can actually estimate the month of the year by a quick but safely distant glimpse at the color and texture of these streams.

All of these streams flow from Tijuana, Mexico into the United States of America. All of them. Millions and millions and millions of gallons of the most bizarre and toxic and noxious fluids ever seen by man gurgle past the odd naturalist and environmentalist in the estuary and park.

The first rains of the season flush the thick scab-like incrustations of chemical pollutants, human feces, and trash from the canyons deep in Mexico. October is the month of brown and gray green waters in the estuary and park which slowly transitions in April to waters that are light tan, fern, or even ever so rarely a silver white (lead and cadmium).

But we need a word from San Diego County Parks and Recreation:

Strategic Initiative: The Department of Parks and Recreation is leading the county’s effort to preserve open space, which provides recreation opportunities, shelters wildlife, and naturally purifies air and water. San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department.