A Celebration of Flora Part 1

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is certainly true when we gaze at the flora here in the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park.

Rare plants abound.

For example: The entire estuary and park are filled with one of the most interesting of all plants and one that is actually a native of a diverse and distant land: Ethiopia.

It remains here in a California park specifically as an excuse for additional charitable grants and federal or state funding.

Any modern terrorist yearns for the chance to poison millions — and so the taxpayer funded civil servants here in the Tijuana Estuary and Border Field State Park most certainly aim to please.

Yes, everywhere you look in the estuary and park there is enough of this special dark green plant to literally kill every man woman and child on earth at least twice over. Of course, the term we must use is not dead but instead the notional term unexpected departure is far less harsh.

Thanks to these vast fields of special plants in the park, these unexpected departures can occur at home, office, or school, and by the millions if not even by the billions.

To those of the appropriate persuasion, all it takes is a few special visits to the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park and even the laziest of terrorists, or shall we say aerobically and culturally challenged persons, will find thousands of pounds of the most potently lethal plant material on earth just begging to be harvested.

Ricinus communis

Anyone can have a simple bacterial infection like anthrax. Here in the park grows the singularly most poisonous plant on earth and the one that can be most quickly made into the most deadly plant poison ever invented: RICIN