A Celebration of Flora Part 3

Thank goodness, anyone attempting to rid the park of these most exhilaratingly and terminally efficient plants will be arrested. You are, after all, in a park.

No picking!

The fact that this plant is not native and in fact choking out the native flora seems beyond the California Collective Birkentocker’s ken. In fact, while this entire place could be renamed Death Central for all sorts of reasons, the Birkenstockers are instead out getting state and federal grants to pluck a few garland chrysanthemums from one of the park’s dried sewage pits (you didn't know about those?) a couple of miles to the north. How much taxpayer money does one get to use “propagules” and “the ecotone” and then actually have the gall to get volunteers to pull the weeds on two acres of sewage scab?

Over $50,000.

It is quite amazing that we all can look at the pictures of thousand foot tall skyscrapers being leveled on 9/11 by airplanes commandeered by twenty people with two dollar box cutters and yet we allow the most lethal plant on earth to not only grow freely not ten feet from 10,000 convicted felons, murderers, and the largest drug smuggling cartel on earth who all hate our collective guts, but have it all be protected by the odd assortment of $150,000 a year American civil servants who “provide nurture to nature and to our children.”

If we want to “put a face” on this terror threat … we can:

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was the little man giving us all those problems in Iraq. He operated cells in places from Iraq to Chechnya to Europe and probably had several right now in the U.S.A.

Mr. Al-Zarqawi was — to quote various officials from the FBI — the person responsible for “the suspicious white powder found in a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist which contained RICIN.”

So the terrorists need not bring their poisons with them. They can just clamber over the border fence in the area which is guarded only by One Worlders in Birkenstocks (see “Celebration of Border Diversity” which is … next) and make their own RICIN right here in the park from “native materials.”