Dianne Feinstein on the costs of illegal immigration

Border control is a federal responsibility. We simply don’t enforce our borders adequately.

In my state, you have about 2,000 people a day illegally who cross the border. Now, this adds up to about 2 million people, who compete for housing, who compete for classroom space.

We’ve had a Medicaid situation where in 1988, there were about 3,000 people on Medicaid. There are well over 300,000 today who are illegal aliens. That presents obvious problems.

My position has been, we need to enforce our borders, we can do it. We need to streamline the asylum process and return it to what it should be, rather than sort of a broad, political category, and I think those two things would help us dramatically.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, CBS “Face the Nation,” 1994

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