Each May 1, we are told we’re supposed to ponder “a day without immigrants.” As anyone knows who watches the news or sees a newspaper, virtually every one of these “immigrants” is from Mexico: We’re not talking about poor oppressed persons who came here legally from other countries and became citizens.

No, the so-called “immigrants” are not actually “immigrants” at all. They are illegal aliens — people who have broken the law just in coming to this country, and who often break other laws while in this country. This makes “a day without immigrants” the politically-correct way of saying “a day without the hordes of illegal alien criminals from Mexico (and their children) who are sapping the life from what used to be the United States of America, and ruining our culture.”

By law, we’re supposed to have a “day without immigrants” every day of the year. However, our corrupt politicians have placed their monetary and political interests above their oaths of office, so even one day is too much to hope for.

However, if we could have a day without these “immigrants,” here’s a glimpse of what it might be like:

  • We would have more than enough schools, classrooms, and teachers, because we would not be attempting to educate millions of illegal aliens.
  • Our children would receive better educations. Because the IQs of illegal aliens are typically lower than those of Americans, American children are often ignored as teachers teach to the dumbest kids in class.
  • There would be no race riots (which typically involve Mexicans and Blacks) in our schools.
  • The roads and freeways would be far less congested.
  • The unsafe Mexican trucks and truck drivers allowed into the country by the NAFTA treaty would stay in Mexico.
  • The fewer cars remaining would be newer and lower polluting, so our air would be cleaner.
  • Uninsured auto accidents would drop to just about zero.
  • Auto insurance fraud would drop to just about zero.
  • Medical insurance fraud would drop drastically.
  • Identity theft would drop drastically.
  • Vote fraud would virtually disappear, if this happened on an election day.
  • The electrical grids would no longer be overburdened.
  • With the lower demand for electricity, there would be less air pollution from power plants.
  • There would be less trash for our landfills.
  • Our water systems would not be overtaxed.
  • Our sewage systems would not be overtaxed.
  • Hospitals and emergency rooms would not lose money giving “free” treatment to illegals.
  • Federal bureaucracies would give away fewer tax dollars for “entitlements” (in Colorado, for example, the MediCal payments would drop by 60%).
  • State governments would give away fewer tax dollars currently being spent on services to illegals ($1 billion a year in Colorado alone).
  • The criminal corporations that had been knowingly hiring illegals would have less money with which to bribe corrupt politicians.
  • The $548,000 sent to Mexico every day in remittances ($20 billion per year) would stay in America, to be spent in America.
  • We might get a glimpse at how the Federal Reserve Board uses these remittances as a “safety valve” to blow off inflated currency, allowing them to print ever more inflated currency, “growing” the economy while depressing the standard of living of American citizens.
  • Our population would stabilize, as there would be far fewer births (24% fewer in Denver, 40% fewer in Los Angeles).
  • Housing overcrowding would disappear, so we wouldn’t have to build homes on every available scrap of land.
  • Mexico would have to deal with its own people and own problems for a change.
  • The diseases that we wiped out years ago (including leprosy, and drug-resistant tuberculosis) would once again be wiped out, without illegal aliens carrying them back into the country.
  • The illegal drug traffic would be drastically cut.
  • We wouldn’t have to worry about the Mexican armed forces escorting drug runners and human traffickers across our southern border.
  • We would have no alien drug rings despoiling our national parks, essentially turning some of them into no-go zones.
  • There were be a dramatic decrease in criminal gangs and gang violence.
  • The national anthem would be sung in English.
  • Beatings, muggings, robberies, rapes, and murders of our citizenry would drop by at least half, with huge resultant savings monetarily, medically, and psychically (in Phoenix, there would be 34% fewer child molestations without illegal aliens).
  • Our justice system would not be overburdened attempting to prosecute the perpetrators of all these beatings, muggings, robberies, rapes, and murders.
  • “Amber Alerts” would be few and far between.
  • There would be jobs for the now-unemployed American citizens, so there wouldn’t have to be more than 50 percent unemployment in the Black community.
  • We could close 35 percent of all the prisons in America.
  • At least a quarter of all the judges and lawyers in America could take the day off.
  • We wouldn’t have to pay millions to translate government documents and court proceedings into Spanish.
  • We could take a break from worrying about the “reconquista” movement, which seeks to take portions of the United States for Mexico.
  • We would have a break from the “gypsy” parking lot auto body repairs that rip off trusting Americans.
  • We could drive safely down the street in residential neighborhoods, without worrying about a pregnant woman jaywalking in front of us, pushing a baby carriage and dragging two other little ones along behind.
  • We could take a break from the rampant anti-white racism of many of the leading pro-invasion groups.
  • We could take a break from the rampant anti-western civilization hatred of many of the leading pro-invasion groups.
  • We could take a break from pondering the Mexico’s hypocrisy in demanding special rights and status for it’s citizens in the U.S., while systematically abusing and denying any rights to migrant workers from other countries within its own borders.
  • Our kids could get part-time summer jobs.
  • Our countryside would no longer be fouled with the litter, urine, and fecal material.
  • Our Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security might finally be able to get a handle on what foreigners are in this country, where they are, and what they are doing here.
  • Americans would be free to travel in areas that used to be nice before the Mexican invasion.
  • We could start interpreting the 14th Amendment correctly once again, to help prevent similar invasions in the future.
  • We wouldn’t have to worry about how to allow Mexicans living in America to vote in Mexican elections.
  • We’d have America back for a little while.

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that we must secure our borders, remove the illegals who are already here, protect our language and our culture, and start enforcing our laws.

Then, every day could be “a day without immigrants.”

How long has this been going on? Check out these two stories from The New York Times from 1974.