Arizona border sign: Danger - public warning. Travel not recommended. Active drug and human smuggling area. Armed criminals.
80 miles from the Mexico/Arizona border.
  1. California has a “Most Wanted’ list and that list has 70 names on it at the moment. Sixty of those people are Mexicans and each is wanted for MURDER.
  2. Hispanics have murdered more people in the USA since 9/11 than were killed on 9/11 plus all American war dead in Afghanistan and Iraq to-date combined. (see our Death Toll Calculator)
  3. Mexican illegal aliens alone have murdered more people in the USA since 9/11 than were killed on 9/11. (see our Death Toll Calculator)
  4. Almost 400 teenage girls have been kidnapped, raped, murdered, dismembered and buried in shallow graves just in the Mexican tourist town of Juarez alone.
  5. Now that the Afghan drug lords are teamed with the Mexican drug cartels, Mexico is plagued with rampant beheadings of police, drug cartel members and even innocent civilians.
  6. A dusty Mexican border town like Tijuana has had four chiefs of police murdered, newspaper editors machine gunned, Mexican federal prosecutors shot fifty times and then run over by a truck to make sure they were dead.
  7. American tourists are gang raped in a Tijuana police station not fifty yards from the US border.
  8. Drug caravans race north across the US border and through the Tohono O’odham indian reservation — 2,700 cars are stolen and abandoned by Mexican drug smugglers each year on that reservation alone.
  9. The US military operates bombing ranges and some are near the US/ Mexico border. Drug cartel members come across the border, crack open the unexploded bombs and take the high explosives back to Mexico. The bombing range discussed here is 30 miles north of the border — it is the tip of the iceberg.
  10. With Mexico essentially being Afghanistan without the Stinger Missiles, a wall or fence is a start, but more is needed.
border sign: smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area
Travel caution.