U.S. Border Patrol Imperial Beach Station Part 2

If we mean spiritedly consider this United States Border Patrol facility a “jail” then this “jail” — built only, exclusively, and solely, to service the border travelers who may be discovered in the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park — is larger than the “jail” for a city the size of Albany, New York.

And while Albany, New York, might have some desperados, they pale in comparison to what passes through the park and into this facility’s cozy little rooms. Nearly a thousand violent felons who have already been deported from the United States after serving their time in some American penitentiary are recaptured right here in the estuary or park after crossing north from Mexico.

border patrol wagon

These thousand gentlemen (all are men) are convicted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, arsonists, or worse (and there are worse). Twenty years is the term for re-entry and their new incarceration will be at a federal facility. Many of these repeat travelers will fight capture with every weapon in their vast arsenal. It is best to stay well away from any potentially diverse travelers you may encounter in the area.

The United States Border Patrol building is arguably the highest value structure for many miles around and the highest value and largest building in the City of Imperial Beach in which it lies. The building complex is surrounded by a tall silver fence and access to its interior is made through a motorized gate.

Very little of the bus transportation you may see in the park is for tourists. Some, which can be discerned by the green and white décor and steel mesh window accouterments, is reserved for the travelers captured in these border lands.

border patrol wagon

The invitation and statement “This is simply for your safety and mine” offers each captured traveler the exceptional and interesting experience of stainless steel hand and leg bracelets which securely inter-link and encourage each traveler to take delicate measured steps.

Then too, not all local taxis are the same. The federal government offers special taxis for these northbound travelers who may be discovered from time to time in the estuary or in the park itself. The taxi’s interior is fully heated and air conditioned and has room for six. Polished stainless steel is the central theme for the taxi’s interior. Safety is paramount and each passenger is fitted with a seat belt.