U.S. Border Patrol Imperial Beach Station Part 1

To our right and far across the estuary to the north lies the huge U.S. Border Patrol facility built just to defend the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park. This facility can process more than a thousand travelers a day. Many are not too happy that it exists in the park. This government facility, emplaced so deep in the Tijuana River and Border Field State Park, guards our lands. It allows the river to become a natural Fortress America.

Many have said that the United States Border Patrol “knows no retreat, believing that he either fears his fate too much or his deserts are small who dares not put it to the touch to win or lose it all.

Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, continuous, unbroken, America is defended by these brave men and women. One Worlders and those funded by the drug cartels and the Mexican Government itself fight to destroy our borders. Undismayed the USBP carries on.

USBP jail

We cannot say that the city and county of San Diego are against America, the flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance (however that thing goes now) but we can say that the city and county of San Diego do not / will not provide the United States Border Patrol with a paved road from their facility to the border. In fact, County Parks actually planted rows of trees down the main access road. To stay on pavement, Border Patrol vehicles must circumnavigate The Great Park Barrier and only then appear along the borderline. So if you see their vehicles racing north they are really driving south and will eventually prove it to you.

But thanks to this Border Patrol facility, the area has been far less criminal traffic, fewer drug vehicles crashing through the border and the detritus of Tijuana gang wars — myriad bloated dead bodies — instead of being found even hanging in trees, now only wash up on Monument Road looking like waterlogged road kill.