Tijuana Part 1

The city of Tijuana is home to nearly two million souls. Diversity abounds along the highways and dusty byways of this magical land.

The lilting music of Mariachis fills the air and children play happily in the pleasant parks and cozy playgrounds.

New Horizons are the future for Tijuana now that Miguel Angel Badiola, director of public relations for the city of Tijuana is making Tijuana a sister city with Havana, Cuba. The sister city agreement was sponsored by Tijuana’s Friends of Cuba and its general coordinator Javier Heredia Talavera.


The image is from Tijuana looking north east into the USA. The Tijuana Silver Arch and the U.S. border’s cruel double fence are both visible.

In Tijuana, the newspapers are filled with fanciful stories about “Mas Sangre” — More Blood — the surely undocumented and only supposed unbridled violence of the local Drug Cartels.

The popular saying in Tijuana is: “Tijuana, so close to America and so far from God.” However, Tijuana is not Mexico and it is not los Yunaites Estaites — the “Spanglish” term for America.

Tijuana is known for its night life and entertainment. American tourist pamphlets on Tijuana say things like “It’s a place for adventure! Tijuana today can be one of the most exciting cities on earth if you know where to look.” You really don’t have to look very far.