Unexploded Ordnance Part 3

But … stepping on one of those odd and rusty metal lumps out there in the marsh and then suddenly, but only very temporarily, becoming airborne and seeing the park from 100 feet up has certain advantages. The thing is … until the city of Imperial Beach builds their new 5,000 bed hospital your chances of survival are slim.

Remember too, the marshlands are soft and your fall from such a great height might just plant you far below ground level and you may never be seen again. What’s worse, luck might have it that you land on a second bomb and send yourself, or parts of yourself, high in the air once more.

The park does teem with wildlife, but most appears after dark and with accouterments of coarse cursing and female entreaties.

It is also best to remember that for your safety all travel into the park should only occur where your view is not impeded by any flora. “Bad people” popping from behind a bush and stripping you of your worldly possessions might not set well with your insurance company.

Remember … there really is that quite interesting possibility that you will meet a border traveler and that encounter may not resolve itself in your favor. The State of California’s Parks Department has, after all, said FOR THE RECORD: safety conditions … change.

Oh! … But as for that … Minefield.

All of this information is in the public domain. It can be acquired with a Freedom of Information Act Request. Of course all of the people who operate this park and get grants and give the grants have to know all about this.

The name Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park should be reduced to LOVE CANAL PARK … or ENRON PARK.

A search of public records shows that Border Field State Park is logged in the FUDS registry as a hazardous site.