The Tijuana River Estuary Interpretive Center Part 4

If you decide to make this part of your itinerary, remember to see your doctor first. Just because you are miles up wind of the real estuary and park does not mean that you can’t inhale something really tenacious and interesting to all those specialists at your local hospital back home. Being famous in the society page of your local paper is one thing, being famous as the topic of a medical journal article is quite another.

Tijuana River Estuary National Landmark

It’s all a National Landmark. The ticket to nearly a billion of your tax dollars.

The views from the trails are of tall grass, odd mud streams, and the distant hills of Mexico.

You can see the bull ring far to the south. To the east there is a U.S. Navy helicopter training field and helicopters circle day and night and their thwap thwaping rotor blades are impossible to ignore.

Depending upon the time of year the smells can be interesting. The place offers the smell of decomposing vegetation, decomposing animal matter, a very slight scent of sewage, wafts of burned jet fuel from the helicopters, and the scent of growing vegetation and sometimes even the scent of flowers.