The Tijuana River Estuary Interpretive Center Part 3

The visitor center is the solid concrete gray green building / bunker to the right and partially hidden in the tall grass.

A brief examination of the building’s windows shows that they are heavier than normal and this might reflect the facility’s allure for frequent burglaries.

If there is one verified migration route well defined in the public records it isn't one for birds but for the “illegal alien border travelers.” This visitor center has to be a fortress to survive the periodic assaults of the people coming from the south.

If you look closely you will notice that the street adjacent to the “facility” is covered in a gentle layer of broken glass from all the automobile burglaries.

Near the building entrance and to the left you will see that building’s floor plan was not all that it should have been and someone inside has filled his floor to ceiling window with what looks like the back of a kitchen sink with dish soap bottles beneath.

Tijuana Estuary Headquarters

To the right is a luxurious restroom. To the front is the gift shop and visitor center. Since the employees have no one to talk to all day but themselves they all seem eager to meet new friends.

To keep them smiling don’t ask how much they make (and if, unlike you, they have 100% fully covered medical insurance), don’t ask why all the mud is such an odd color (and why it blows bubbles) and don’t ask what happened to the guy who’s only trace is that one mud covered tennis shoe (The Swamp Shoe) stuck out there in the mud by the trail.