The Tijuana River Estuary Interpretive Center Part 2

While their very own government brochure says: Equestrian trails are available on the south end of the Reserve, and horses can be rented from neighboring stables. The reality is (of course) that these very government agencies have done their utmost to bankrupt these neighboring stables and to drive them completely out of the area.

So there are no horses to rent and if you try to bring your own horse to this place there is a great likelihood that your horse trailer will sink up to its hubcaps in the well seasoned and germ laded earth.

Much of the funding for this place comes from various federal programs which include those for educating children in estuarine ecology and environmental border issues.

The visitor center offers parking for twenty cars but most of the parking places are filled with white government vehicles. The parking area is constructed not of a hard surface but instead of large stone gravel. The reason for the gravel is that the parking lot may well continue to settle and hard pavement would crack (i.e. sink).

Tijuana Estuary Interpretive Center

A quick calculation shows that there are about a quarter million dollars in government vehicles parked here at any moment.

Since one person can’t drive more than one vehicle at a time, that indicates there have to be at least ten or fifteen government employees someplace around here all the time.

The average burdened labor rate of $100,000 a year makes this place a one to two million dollar a year eco-toy funded directly or indirectly by the taxpayer.