Border Field State Park freeway access

For an American citizen the estuary and park’s main access is from the large Interstate freeway which ends at the U.S. Port of Entry at the Mexican border. To find this vast land of shadows and green just take the Dairy Mart Road exit from the south bound lanes of Interstate 5.

BFSP sign

But be careful. This is a hidden place and many do not want you to find it. If you take the CALTRANS’ suggestion — and make your exit at Coronado Avenue — you will not reach the park but instead see only a cold gray concrete “tourist” or visitor’s center many, many miles away.

Be careful too, not to exit at the freeway’s PRISON exit. There are several prisons near the park and tourism is not encouraged.

Lastly, and a great secret only you now know … there is even a federal facility deep within the park itself ready for the thousands of miscreants who happen past its web of wire and searchlights.

While the tension and excitement may be mounting please remember when exiting the freeway to turn right at the first stop sign and then actually stop at the second stop sign. There are police about.

BFSP access road

The entire area is like a hurricane — frenzied activity on the exterior and near nothingness as you proceed deeper and deeper into the secret parklands.