A Celebration of Flora Part 2

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of both active and passive parks and recreation, in settings that appeal to the County’s diverse population.

San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department

While some may think that appealing to San Diego County’s population of psychotic terrorists and mass murderers is taking diversity a bit too far, our civil servants surely disagree.

Gloriously, there are at least 10,000 RICIN (Ricinus communis) plants growing in the estuary and park. In fact, they seem purposely planted as ground cover.

We dare not call this plant ugly. Instead, we can encourage everyone to use the term “aesthetically diverse” or even “aesthetically challenged.”

We all must thank the State of California and the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department’s administration for preserving this wonderful opportunity for all those of a like mind to come, discover, harvest, and prepare this most magical of powders: RICIN.

RICIN is not a difficult product to create. It is far easier to create than is cocaine. The first thing one does is remove the oil (just squeezing it will work) and then take the remaining mash and process it with alcohol (Tequila will work), or even (because flavor is not a real concern, is it?) gasoline.