Dairy Mart Road Part 4

It is the goal of environmentalists to have the United States of America spend about two billion dollars more (and even more hundreds of millions of dollars a year to keep it all going) to provide addtional processing of this sewage.

It would be mean spirited to allow Mexico to pay even a single peso when America is so rich. After all, what is $2,000,000.000.00 but the life savings of only 200,000 American families. It should all be worth it someday.

Driving farther and to the left we now pass the end of the hateful United States Border Patrol Barrier. Instead of celebrating our diversity and opening our arms to the millions upon millions of peoples wanting to build their own separate communities in America, we fence them out.

The barrier is just what that name implies. The southernmost barrier is constructed of steel plate and is about eight feet high. The second barrier is constructed of massive concrete columns 10 feet high and spaced not more than a few inches apart and all topped with fine mesh chain link fencing which tilts towards Mexico.