The Border Field State Park™ Part 5

BFSP monument

Between the park and the bull ring is a solid granite monument — a great Obelisk — which has been proclaimed everywhere in the media as a monument to border friendship. More than 150 years ago a grand monument was constructed in distant Massachusetts and then carried around the horn to this special place.

Hundreds of people refer to this monument as the premier symbol of the close bond between the countries of the United States and Mexico. Throngs of people photograph this huge glistening obelisk and refer to it in newspaper articles and stories everywhere. The ancient inscription — the only inscription on that entire monument — is certainly one of cooperation and cultural diversity:

The destruction or displacement of this monument is a misdemeanor punishable by the United States or Mexico.

border monument

That singularly lyrical sentence is all that there is on this great stone. While some will attribute far more meaning to these words, they do not lie, but instead are just expressing a metaphor for the future of America. It is also true that this stone was once about 11 feet tall. Vandalism and the then needed refurbishment has reduced it to its present size. Lastly, the monument was once serial number one of 258. Texas politicians wangled their ways in Washington and had all the monuments along the entire border with Mexico renumbered so that they would have number one and we would have number 258.

Now that you have arrived at the improved area of the park you must realize that many of the more dramatic (and certainly the most interesting) events here in the park will be spontaneous and unplanned and be but a random interplay of peoples and their desires and so you may easily become involved unexpectedly and intimately at any moment.

Make certain that you can see one of those white and green vehicles with U.S. BORDER PATROL on the side. Keep it in view at all times.