The Border Field State Park™ Part 4

There are two bull rings in Tijuana, one downtown and this one next to the Border Field State Park. This one here at the park is called Plaza Monumental. The bullfighting season lasts six months and the fights alternate between the downtown bull ring and this one at the park. The bulls sacrificed here come from all over Mexico. The optimum size for a bull is about 1,000 pounds and each bull selected to fight the matador has been vetted for temperament and horn size.

The seats cost about $50 for the first ten “barreras” rows in the shade (sombra). The cheaper seats in the sun (sol) or more than ten rows back, “tendidos preferentes”, cost about $30. Prices can vary from $70 for the very first row to $15 for the very last row and out in the sun.

Siesta is taken quite seriously in Mexico and tickets can only be purchased between 10AM and 2PM and then between 3PM and 6 PM.

It is best to take a group tour bus because taking a cab will offer you a tremendous surprise when you discover that cabs take people to the bull ring but not from the bull ring. It is about a five mile walk back to the U.S. Port of Entry.

Tijuana Plaza Monumental Bull Ring