The Border Field State Park™ Part 3

Some of the birds nest in subtle depressions in the ground and offer their eggs, by the thousands, to hungry night travelers passing through these lands. Grant proposals have been submitted so that counseling can be offered to the birds by highly paid state government naturalists so that the potential post partum depressions of our feathered friends will be minimized.

Seeing the naturalists in their oversized beige sacking and with primitive bird puppets on each hand cooing gently to the despondent flock will be a sight to behold. Yes, and these huge and numerous state and federal university grants round out the reasons for the diverse mixture of interested parties on-site taking such profound interest in these creatures.

The good news is that the vile liquids that actually make it this far in the estuary and park are then, thankfully, swallowed by the hundreds of skunks in the area who die before they can eat too many baby birds still in their nests.

Diverse nesting behaviors are not limited to those of the avian variety. Night and day the estuary and park are blessed with young women of simple virtue. They clamber over the low spots of the vile border barrier and consult with park visitors during daylight hours and even more lustily with border travelers during the cool evening darkness. Most assuredly, it was that Prince of Inhibition, Pope Gregory who more than 1,400 years ago gave us the Seven Deadly Sins.

Yes, those of us not recent graduates of the American Public School System remember that it was Pliny the Elder who said that sexual propriety could be learned from the activities of elephants that “copulate only in hidden places and afterwards bathe in a river.” And this is true even today. Here, and there among the rushes and other riparian flora of the estuary and park, one can just discern these telltale animations and squeals of carnal delight.

Immediately south of the park is the Tijuana bull ring where thousands of people gather to receive fresh meat on certain Sundays. The roar of the crowd is contagious. The seats in the shade are the most expensive.