Border Barrier Diversity Part 3

While the “park” is open to all, the mean spirited barrier of steel plate partly monitored by armed federal agents keeps much of the diversity on the south side.

Bullets do whiz over the border from time to time. This is a news report from Tijuana on just such a celebration not a quarter mile from the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park.

The celebrations really are a real tourist attraction and it’s a shame we can't send more U.S. taxpayer dollars south to maybe armor all the cars to make everybody safe.

Afterall, it isn't the drug cartels shooting people, it’s the guns. It isn't the drug cartels beheading people, it’s the knives.

Yes, it is terrible that we have that federal fortress in the middle of the park. The United States Border Patrol Imperial Beach Station sure makes the place seem unfriendly.

Not to worry! These Zetas people come and visit often, and you never know who or what they'll bring with them.