Border Barrier Diversity Part 1

Mexican border

Above us now and to the left is one of the most modern and interesting of park view homes. The home is festooned with antennae and has been remodeled to include an unusually tall second story with airport control-tower style windows that view more than 180 degrees of the border.

The windows all cant inwards at the bottom which minimizes glare and makes it difficult to peek inside and see who’s watching whom. Whatever the whispers about the watchers behind the windows it would be mean spirited to even think that they are monitoring the border line and sending off their thousands of border crossers in complete synchronization so as to avoid U.S. government border patrolling activities.

border BBQ

Up the canyon to our left are some of the more humble border homes of wayward travelers who have stayed behind in Tijuana. On some days one can see them sniffing the contents of spray paint cans. When spray paint become too pricey for the week, gasoline fumes do the trick too.

It might take 30 years for your little environmentalists to not have a single day without PTSD flashbacks of visiting this place. The border is so close … and the wall so low.

“Youth Initiative: Create positive recreation experiences for youth and their families that develop skills that will benefit them later in life.”

San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department.